About Us

As the Harrisburg chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, IABC/Harrisburg exists to help its members and their organizations to be heard. Within Pennsylvania's capital region, we provide professional development, networking, and awards opportunities for communicators in a wide variety of professional roles, including:

  • Public relations/Media relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Public affairs
  • Investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Marketing communication
  • Community relations
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Training
  • Advertising
  • Photography and video production
  • Graphic design
  • Human resources
  • Teaching

Our members are helping for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations communicate with their various stakeholders through effective use of available media.

IABC/Harrisburg also connects members to vast online resources for professional development and a network of about 15,000 communications professionals in 80 countries around the world. Learn more about the resources available through IABC.


IABC/Harrisburg Chapter Bylaws

Revised April 2015


This organization is formed to provide a common assembly for exchange of ideas, professional development, networking and dissemination of information for members of the International Association of Business Communicators within the central Pennsylvania region.

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the International Association of Business Communicators, Harrisburg Chapter or lABC/Harrisburg.

Article II: Geographical Territory

a. IABC/Harrisburg shall be composed of members of the International Association of Business Communicators located within the central Pennsylvania counties of Adams, Centre, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York.

b. While a particular international member may live in one of these counties, he or she does not have to belong to IABC/Harrisburg. Geographical circumstances may allow membership in a neighboring IABC chapter to be more practical.

Article III: Purpose and Objectives

a. The purpose of IABC/Harrisburg shall be to advance the professional standards and practices of communication within business, industry, associations and other such organizations as may be represented by the membership.

b. This purpose shall be carried out through the following objectives:

1) To promote understanding, cooperation and an exchange of ideas among members.

 2) To promote the development and application of improved methods and programs of communications.

3) To demonstrate the practical value of effective communications.

4) To promote the training and development of individual members through the collection and dissemination of information of value and interest to members.

 5) To encourage the professional development of members.

6) To strive for the highest ethical standards in carrying out these purposes.

7) To encourage students in the training and use of public relations and communications strategies and assist them in learning by offering hands-on opportunities to demonstrate skills through mentoring and other counseling.

Article IV: Officers

a. The officers of IABC/Harrisburg shall be president, immediate past president, treasurer, vice president(s) of professional development, vice president of membership, vice president of communications, and national delegate.

b. The executive board shall consist of the officers, the immediate past president, a national delegate, and a national junior delegate from a local student chapter.

c. The election of officers must be held no later than May of each year unless otherwise approved by the executive board.  The board will make nominations and share them with members for input.

d. Officers shall be elected to one-year terms, with two-year term limitations.

Article V: Administration and Officers' Duties

a. The administrative year of IABC/Harrisburg shall begin January 1 and end December 31.

b. The fiscal year of IABC/Harrisburg shall begin January 1 and end December 31.

c. The duties of IABC/Harrisburg officers shall be as follows:

1. President

a. Plan and preside over at least six executive board meetings annually.

 b. Preside over monthly meetings of the membership.

c. Serve as liaison to IABC Heritage Region.

d. Attend quarterly region meetings, and participate in local, district and international activities when possible.

e. Serve as liaison to the International Association of Business Communicators, receive correspondence and distribute information to executive board members as appropriate. Respond to all informational requests for IABC/Harrisburg.

 f. Provide leadership to all officer positions.

g. Write monthly "Message from the President" column for the IABC/Harrisburg newsletter.

h. Respond to all inquiries, both written and by phone, for information on local communications positions and maintain a list of openings.

2. Immediate Past President

a. Support all vice presidents in their duties.

b. Serve as historian for chapter.

 c. Accept assignments from the board that do not fall under other officer responsibilities.

3. Treasurer

a. Maintain accurate records of chapter's financial transactions, expenditures and receipts.

 b. Prepare quarterly and annual reports for the executive board and for publication in the monthly newsletter. Also, prepare additional reports as requested by the board and international.

 c. Attend all meetings of the membership, if possible, and accept and record all receipts and expenditures.

d. Disburse checks for all chapter bills.

e. Secure the services of a certified public accountant to audit the chapter's financial records when requested by the board.

f. Prepare IABC/Harrisburg taxes with the assistance of the President.

4. Vice President of Communications

a. Write and distribute news releases on all monthly meetings at least three weeks prior to registration deadline or earlier as publication deadlines may require.

b. Write and distribute news releases on all special lABC programs and events, including the election of officers and member accreditation.

c. Maintain media mailing list and scan newspapers for articles on IABC events.

d. Take minutes at all board meetings and distribute minutes to all executive board members following the meetings.

e. Prepare and distribute monthly e-newsletter to memberships and friends.

f. Update website as needed.

g. Promote professional development events via IABC/Harrisburg social media channels and email to all members, non-members and friends.

h. Monitor and update the IABC/Harrisburg website.

i. Promote the organization and events through all available channels including website, newsletter, social media and media relations.

 5. Vice President of Membership

a. Handle all correspondence with prospective members.

b. Solicit leads and maintain a list of prospective members using current members and meeting attendees as resources.

c. Provide new member information and current member totals at monthly meetings.

d. Serve as liaison with IABC headquarters to receive membership reports, special offers, recruitment kits, and other information.

e. Maintain an adequate supply of current IABC forms, brochures, etc.

f. Contact all persons who have not submitted dues after 45 days following such notice, and report on the status of these individuals to the board.

g. Implement and maintain member recognition/retention programs as needed.

6. Vice President(s) of Professional Development

a. Plan, coordinate, and oversee at least six professional development events during the year with assistance from the executive board.

b. Select meeting sites at least three months in advance and confirm in writing the date, time, and menu.

c. Secure necessary audio-visual equipment.

d. Plan topics and speakers for meetings with assistance from the executive board.

Contact speakers by phone, request recent biographical information and headshots, and then confirm the meeting in writing.

e. Write meeting announcement and forward the notice to the vice president of communications.

f. Obtain meeting count and pass this information along to the hotel or restaurant.

g. Introduce speakers at meeting or pass along their biographies to the president.

h. Send "thank you" notes to speakers.

i. Fill out evaluation forms and surveys from meeting facilities. Contact facility with any post-meeting problems, comments, and concerns.

7. National Delegate

a. Represent IABC/Harrisburg at Heritage Region meetings and other activities as directed by the executive board (quarterly meetings, annual conference, or round table seminars).

Article VI: Membership and Dues

a. Membership in IABC/Harrisburg shall be open to communicators in business, industry, associations, government, and professionals in other organizations pursuing related activities.

b. Members shall be eligible to vote, serve as officers, national delegates, or directors of special projects, and receive chapter benefits and services.

c. Chapter dues in the amount of $40 shall be assessed to each member annually based on his or her international membership anniversary date. Chapter dues shall be collected by the International Association of Business Communicators along with international dues. IABC/Harrisburg will then receive dues payments from the international office in San Francisco, Calif., on a monthly basis.

d. Membership shall be forfeited, upon approval of the executive board, for nonpayment of membership dues within 60 days of written notification of dues. The vice president of membership shall contact all persons who have not submitted dues after 45 days following such notice, and report on the status of these individuals to the executive board.

Article VII: Meetings

a. The executive board must hold a minimum of six meetings annually. Additional meetings may be called by the president or two-thirds vote of the executive board.

b. IABC/Harrisburg must hold a minimum of nine monthly meetings of the membership annually. Dates and locations for these meetings shall be established by the vice president of professional development, with the approval of the executive board. Additional meetings and special programs may be called by the president with the approval of the executive board.

Article IX: Finances

a. IABC/Harrisburg shall obtain its income from the assessment of chapter dues, proceeds from seminars, workshops, fundraisers, sponsorships, advertising or other special projects.

b. Finances of the organization shall be the direct responsibility of the treasurer, who must issue quarterly reports and an annual statement of assets and liabilities for executive board approval The treasurer must maintain records of receipts and expenditures according to recognized bookkeeping practices.

c. IABC/Harrisburg's fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31.

d. While annual audits are not required by this constitution, the executive board may vote to have the financial records of IABC/Harrisburg audited by a certified public accountant at any time or on a regular basis. The audit report shall be submitted to the executive board by the treasurer for approval.

e. The executive board shall not be liable for any error in judgment or for failure to take action on the advice of counsel, or for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith. The private property of the members shall not be subject to the payment of corporate debts of IABC/Harrisburg.

f. In the event of dissolution of IABC/Harrisburg, all remaining chapter funds will be turned over to the International Association of Business Communicators to benefit the IABC/Foundation's research projects.

Article X: Parliamentary Procedure

a. Robert's Rules of Order, revised, shall control all matters of parliamentary procedure at the meetings of the executive board of IABC/Harrisburg, except where they conflict with the chapter's constitution and bylaws, in which case the executive board shall direct.

Article X: Non-discrimination

a. IABC/Harrisburg does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Article XI: Amendments

a. IABC/Harrisburg's constitution and bylaws may be amended by the executive board at any regular or special meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the officers, either in person or by proxy ballot, provided that the proposed amendment has been presented to the officers in writing at least two weeks before the voting date.

b. Amendments may be proposed to the executive board by any member at any time, either in person or in writing. The board shall act on any proposed amendment within 60 days of the submission of such amendment(s).